We are a small, São Paulo based research agency born in January 2012. We have a reputation for providing our clients with both valuable insights and a roadmap for how to use them. We have an intimate knowledge of the Brazilian market combined with a thoroughly global outlook. This allows us not only to communicate fluently with global marketing teams but also to identify the nuances of Brazilian culture that only a comparative perspective allows.

Mariana Newport

Mariana is a bilingual and bicultural qualitative researcher, focused on going beyond stereotypes to get to strong cultural understanding. She founded B.bright to offer world-class consumer research combined with a deep understanding of Brazilian culture.

Mariana believes that research should be about uncovering fresh insights and interpreting them to answer the toughest business questions. Over the past 10 years she has been doing just that for a wide array of industries including technology, media, personal care, food & drink, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

Prior to B.bright Mariana worked at a number of innovative companies including Intrepid, a boutique research agency in London, Flamingo a qualitative research house specialised in multi-market projects (also London based) and more recently, FutureBrand São Paulo.

Mariana has a Bachelors in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of York (UK) and a Masters in Latin American Politics at the Institute of the Americas in London.


Job Henrique Casquel

An experienced qual researcher, Job is comfortable with established methodologies but is constantly looking for ways to gain efficiencies, deeper insights and improved client engagement. He has extensive experience with a range of online research platforms and methodologies including asynchronous blogs and real-time, online groups.

A detail focused project manager, he has experience running multi- market projects on a wide variety of subjects including personal care, alcoholic beverages, education and even mattresses!

Job has a Bachelor in Journalism from the University of São Paulo (BR).